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Ugly Garage Door

Picture yourself pulling up in front of your house. What is the first thing you see? If you’re like most Americans, it’s your garage door. For the majority homes built after the 1950s, the garage door is THE focal point of the house. In most cases, the garage door accounts for 30% of the visible area. You curb appeal may begin and end with this one feature.

If your garage door looks dated, either by style, or disrepair, it will alter the appearance of your entire house. If you’re trying to sell, it’s even more important to make sure you garage door looks its best. You may just need to replace trim and weather stripping to make your door look new again, but if it’s time to replace, you have many options to consider.

One very popular style right now is a carriage house look, with modern functionality. These doors appear to swing out, but roll up like other doors with an automatic opener. Choose natural wood for a beautiful custom look, or steel for easy maintenance and a lower price point.

Steel doors come in three different types. The most economical is a single, stamped sheet of galvanized steel. Double layer doors add a thick layer of polystyrene or polyurethane as a backer for insulation and soundproofing. Triple layer doors add another layer of galvanized steel to the inside of the door, making it the strongest and most soundproof of the three.

If you decide to go with a natural wood door, finish is important. In fact, the right finish can outlast even “maintenance-free” products. Also keep in mind that while wood can be repaired, some imperfections actually enhance the look and character of real wood.

If you go with a traditional style door, add appeal with windows that complement your home’s design. Or, choose a different window, to change the feel of the whole exterior of your home. Can’t decide what’s right for you? Let us know, we’re more than happy to help with a design consultation.