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Simple Garage Door Maintenance

<h1>Simple Garage Door Maintenance</h1><p>Check your weather seal for drying and cracking. A silicone lubricant can keep your weather seal flexible, and prevent cracking, especially in sunny and dry climates. Be sure not to use a petroleum based product, as that can actually break down the weather seal. Weather seal can be cleaned using a mild soap. </p><h2>Rollers and Hinges</h2> <p> Lubricate your rollers and hinges using household or motor oil, making sure to wipe off any excess. Oil the seams and pins of the rollers and hinges. If you do not have nylon rollers, you can oil the track about one foot from the curve. Open and close the garage door a few times to distribute the oil. </p> <h2>Safety</h2> <p> With the garage door closed, pull the emergency release to disengage the door from the opener. Operate the garage door manually, it should open and close without much force. Open the door about halfway and release. A well balanced door should stay in position, or slowly close. If it drops quickly, or you need to pull it down hard to close it, the door is not properly balanced. Aside from the safety issues, an unbalanced door is also going to put unnecessary strain on your opener, leading to costly repairs. Do not try to adjust the tension yourself, call a professional to adjust the spring tension. </p><p> Check cables for wear and fraying along their length, and at the ends where they connect with the roller brackets and spring. Hire a professional to replace worn cables immediately. </p><p> Next, check your reversal features. Any opener manufactured after 1986 has two important safety features. First is the Safety Reverse System which reverses your door upon contact of an object. Test this by placing a 2x4 under you garage door and closing the door. The door should reverse on contact with the wood block. Next, test the photo-eye sensors. Close the door with the automatic opener, and then wave your hand between the safety reversal sensors, or photo eyes. Again, your door should reverse automatically. If your door fails either test, call a professional to repair or replace the opener. </p>