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Helpful Advice in Ordering Cards and Transmitters

Helpful Advice in Ordering Cards and Transmitters

Ordering Cards Tags and Transmitters can be difficult for property managers and office managers because of the time elapsed between purchases of these supplies the information is often lost.

When ordering tags in is easy to lay the tag in your copier and photo copy both sides. If the original box is still available photo copy the end of the box. Fax this information to DGO ACCESS LLC at 303-485-1702 and we will be able to assist you in ordering new cards tags and transmitters.

Let’s say you ran out of cards and threw away the boxes.0That’s ok too! Call DGO ACCESS LLC and we can help you look in your access control systems for all the information you need. Simply call DGO ACCESS LLC at 303-485-1700 and one of our representatives will walk you through your system and tell you your facility code, card range and type of card. We have helped thousands of property managers get the information they need to get these supplies in house fast.

Helpful Hints for Purchasing Agents, Office Administrators, Property Managers and Building Engineers when dealing with Motorola, HID, Amtech, Transcore, AWID, TAG Master and SIRUIT access control supplies.

  1. The end of the box almost always has the card range and facility code for the current order of cards.
  2. We generally advise our customers to keep the boxes and place the cards which residents and employees return back in these boxes.
  3. The boxes generally get pretty beat up, wrapping the end of the box in scotch tape or clear packing tape preserves the vital information.
  4. Some Tags have all the information you will need on the tag or card itself.
  5. Most facilities will have one of the tags on their golf cart or maintenance mans key ring they really are easy to find when you know where to look.
  6. It does not matter who you bought them from last. DGO ACCESS LLC can match the information on any card and get you back in business efficiently with no stress.
  7. Your access control software almost always has the records you will need to make your ordering process a breeze. Just CALL 303-485-1700 and we will walk you through your system and get you on your way to ordering the proper tags.