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Pay-In-Lane Device - Federal APD

Pay-In-Lane Device

Operate Your Parking Facility Without an Attendant


  • On-line or off-line operation
  • Self-replenishing coin system

Flexible Payment Methods

  • Coin or Paper Currency
  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Merchant Validation
  • Vouchers
  • Value Cards
  • Receipt issued on demand


  • Journal Printer
  • Intercom

The Pay-In-Lane device

The Pay-In-Lane device offers you a convenient way to operate your parking facility without an attendant. Each model is unmanned and provides Exit Cashiering or Pre-Pay entry. At exit, the Pay-In-Lane processes the fee automatically and displays it on the LCD window. Many payment options are available with easy to find graphics. Change is issued in coins and a receipt is either provided on demand or can be programmed to issue automatically.

Exit Operations:

Model 9000S - Standard Unit
This model is an unmanned Exit Cashiering device. User-friendly features prompt patron to insert their parking ticket into the device. When the fee is diplayed your customer can choose their method of payment. Standard payment features for the Model 9000S iclude paper currency, coins, vouchers, merchant validations, or debit ValueCards.

Model 9000C - Credit Card Unit
This model includes all the payment options that the Model 9000S has and can also process Credit Cards.

Entry Operations:

Model 9000P - Pre-Pay Unit
This model is used for point of entry operation. When a patron drives up to the Model 9000P the required fee is displayed. The parking fee is a programmable flat rate. Payment can be made with paper currency, coins, or credit card.