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Merchant Validator (Federal APD)

Merchant Validator - Federal APD


  • Manually operated device provides time, fee and/or percentage discounts
  • 624 merchant accounts available
  • Up to 4 validations per ticket
  • Reliable service for long periods of time without any special maintenance
  • Durable metal housing with stainless steel pins
  • Ink stamp assembly with 3 pre-inked stamp modules
  • Hole pattern provides encrypted code
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<h2>Simple Validation</h2>  <p> The SST Merchant Validator is an offline, non-powered device that allows parking facilities to offer time, fee and/or percentage discounts for up to 624 merchant accounts. </p> <p> To validate a ticket, the store attendant simply inserts the SST ticket into the mechanism and manually depresses the handle, which encodes the merchant information onto the ticket for the predetermined discount. </p> <p> When the validated ticket is fed into an SST Ticket Validator or Automatic Pay Station, the SST Transport reads the ticket and sends the discount data to the Auditor PowerPad Fee Computer. The Auditor PowerPad then processes the merchant and fee discount information, eliminating the need to manually enter the information. </p> <h2>Validated Ticket</h2>  <p> The mechanical, hand operated device is designed to punch a coded series of machine-readable holes through an SST ticket with steel pins located inside the device in a 4x4 matrix. Each Merchant Validator has a hole pattern (some used, some not) configured for the merchant and parking fee discount. </p> <p> In addition to these holes, the mechanism also applies a manreadable three-digit ink stamp to the ticket. The hole pattern and the ink stamp both correspond to a threedigit number, which uniquely identifies the unit. </p>  <h2>Multiple Validations</h2>  <p> Each ticket is capable of accepting as many as four different validations in what are called validation

Versatile Uses

There are many conceivable scenarios in which the Merchant Validator could be used, such as shopping malls with controlled parking, downtown retailers, universities, hospitals, and more.

As a patron makes a purchase, the cashier takes the ticket, inserts it into the Merchant Validator, advances it to the next available validation zone and punches the code into the ticket while imprinting the ticket with an ink stamp. This provides the ability of any merchant to offer a unique incentive to patrons for discounted parking.

The patron can collect as many as four validations per ticket. At the exit or point of payment, the patron's ticket with the validations is read by an SST/HP-1 or HP-4 Transport. The validation data is read and sent to a processing terminal where the validations are interpreted and applied to the parking fee.