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Automatic Cashiering Terminal - Federal APD

Automatic Cashiering Terminal (Federal APD)


  • Keeps exit cashiering lanes open without a cashier
  • Payment options include:
    • Credit Card
    • ValueCard
    • Merchant Validated Ticket
  • Receipt issued on demand
  • The device may extend up to 4 inches (100 mm) from the outside booth wall for easy patron access
  • 2-line x 20-character LCD display
  • SST Transport and Receipt Printer easily accessible from inside the cashier booth
  • Three Modes of operation:
    • Cashier Mode (ACT operates with an attendant present)
    • Unmanned Mode (ACT operates without an attendant)
    • Logged Off Mode (no transactions can be processed)
Unmanned Exit Cashiering

Unmanned Exit Cashiering

The Automatic Cashier Terminal (ACT) allows parking patrons to pay fees at an unmanned exit cashiering booth. Ideal for express lanes or after-hours transactions, the ACT enables the exit lane to be operated without an attendant by processing parking fees with cashless payment options.

Convenient Operation

The Automatic Cashier Terminal features a weatherproof enclosure with an easy-to-read message display that extends outside of the cashier booth for access. To use, a parking patron inserts a transient parking ticket into the device, which calculates and displays the fee due. The customer may pay the fee with credit card, ValueCard (Federal APD's prepay parking system), parking voucher, or merchant validated ticket. A receipt is issued on demand when the patron presses the receipt button. If the fee has been satisfied, the ACT responds with "Thank You" message and raises the barrier gate.

The patron may cancel the transaction by pressing the Cancel button at any time before the credit card, ValueCard, or voucher is inserted into the unit. sys

Dependable Components

The Automatic Cashier Terminal consists of a weatherproof cabinet, which holds the Receipt Printer and its internal SST/HP-1 or SST/HP-4 Transport mechanism. The Transport and Receipt Printer are connected to an Auditor PowerPad Fee Computer that is in the cashier booth.

The unique design of the SST Transport allows the system to process a wide variety of tickets and cards through one single transport slot. This makes the ACT easier and more convenient to use for the patron.

Each peripheral device is directly controlled by an Auditor PowerPad Fee Computer, which is located inside the cashier booth. The Auditor PowerPad calculates the fee, which is displayed on the ACT terminal and on an optional internal/external fee display.

Tickets processed in the system may be captured and deposited into a ticket vault located behind the unit, if the integrated Auditor PowerPad Fee Computer is programmed this way. All transactions are logged internally and, if online with the PC-based ScanNet Central Management System, at the central computer station for complete audit control.