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SST® Automatic Pay Station - Federal APD

SST® Automatic Pay Station

SST is a registered trademark of Federal APD, Inc.


  • Robust cabinet with tamper-resistant access door secured with 3 point locking system
  • User-friendly operation
  • Flexible payment options:
    • Coins
    • Paper currency
  • Credit/debit card
  • Self-replenishing coin system
  • Process tickets and bank cards through single transport
  • Reliable bank note processing
  • Dual bank note dispenser units available
  • Modular components
  • Comprehensive cash audits and management reports
Automatic 24 Hour Cashiering

Automatic Cashiering

The SST Automatic Pay Station offers you an innovative ticket handling system for your central cashiering parking operation. This robust pay-on-foot station is designed to improve your cash management with ATM-type technology, lower your labor and operational expenses, and improve your customer service with around the clock, 24 hour operation.


Many user-friendly features are built into the pay station, including simple operations for customers, service personnel and management.

The ergonomic design of the pay station guides your customers through the entire transaction process. Clearly defined instructions are simple to follow.

Parking managers will appreciate how quickly employees can learn to use, service and program the pay station. Fast shift audits are made possible with smooth, pullout cash modules, and interchangeable SST components mean less maintenance and downtime.

Contemporary software packages streamline programming and reporting routines and automate your daily management procedures. All programming and reporting functions are easily accomplished with the on-board terminal or with a centralized SCAN/Scan Net System.

Flexible Payment Options

The SST Automatic Pay Station offers you a wide range of payment options. Short term tickets, special parking passes and bank cards of all types may be processed through the single transport slot. The pay station accepts payment in coins, paper currency, parking pass, or bank card, and delivers change in either coins or paper currency, or both.

Uncompromising Security

Your revenues are protected by a robust vault designed to withstand the harshest environments. The cabinet features a tamper-resistant access door secured with a rugged three-point locking system. All key components are guarded by separate locking devices and any unauthorized access triggers an alarm message.

Access to the payment systems (coin, bank note, bank card, etc.) requires an electronic password plus mechanical keys. Different keys are used for each cash module, and each module is monitored electronically for maximum security.

Comprehensive cash audits and facility management reports can be captured on-line or off-line to ensure 100% collection of all parking fees.