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SST Auditor PowerPad&trade Fee Computer - Federal APD

SST Auditor PowerPad™ Fee Computer

SST is a registered trademark of Federal APD, Inc.


  • Automatic fee calculations or manual key-in transactions
  • Modular SST Ticket Transport Mechanism with magnetic read head and thermal printer
  • Multifunction printer validates tickets and prints receipt and journal tapes
  • 12 Fee Tables available
  • 200 Attendants available
  • 208 Merchant Accounts available
  • Comprehensive cash audits and reports include:
  • Cashier Reports
  • Lane Reports
  • Tax Reports
  • Merchant Reports
  • Time Card Reports
  • Statistical reports (with percent analysis) include:
  • Entry Reports
  • Exit Reports
  • Entry/Exit Reports
  • Revenue Reports
  • Duration of Stay Reports
  • On-line or off-line operation


  • Credit card processing
  • ValueCard™ System
  • Validation/Voucher Systems
  • Currency exchange processing
  • Ticket Tracking System
  • Networking capabilities

SST is a registered trademark of Federal APD, Inc.

Automatic Fee Calculations

Designed to work with the SST AutoRead System, the SST Auditor PowerPad reads magnetic stripe tickets and provides automatic and exceptionally fast fee calculations with machine readable precision.

The cashier (located at a central or exit cashiering station) simply inserts the ticket in the unit's validator device to automatically compute the fee, which eliminates any possible cashier error or shrinkage.

Magnetic Stripe Technology

The heart of the SST AutoRead System is the magnetic stripe. Magnetic stripe technology allows information to be changed and updated at any time while maintaining a closed-loop ticketing system. Data such as time, date, year, system code, lane number, fee structure, payment data, and status information can all be encoded and read on the ticket itself. This makes the system flexible for a wide variety of applications.

All tickets processed at the cashiering station are validated both magnetically and physically, so tickets cannot be reused or altered. Pertinent information is thermally printed on the ticket, allowing both patrons and staff to verify the data at a glance.

Ticket Options

In addition to short-term transient parking tickets, the SST Auditor PowerPad Fee Computer can be programmed to accept and/or issue prepay (voucher) tickets, special event tickets, advance sale tickets, and monthly cards.

The device's Smart System Transport (SST®) mechanism was designed to meet industry standards with three track read/write magnetic heads. This allows the device to read industry standard encoding track formats, including those used with bank credit cards, debit cards and proprietary tickets - all from one versatile transport/validator mechanism.

Reports Keep You In Control

The SST Auditor PowerPad produces an extensive array of report for detailed analysis of all the sales and lane activities in your facility. Financial reports, such as cash reports and lane reports, summarize the number of transactions, amounts, cashier counts, vehicle counts, and more. Over 40 statistical reports provide entry, exit, duration, and revenue information and can be analyzed in percentage of totals.

Automate Your Operation

The SST Auditor PowerPad automates many of the operations your managers and cashiers are now doing manually. Multiple fee schedules, account validations, currency exchange calculations, taxes, activity reporting, auditing, facility counts, and many other aspects of your business are done quickly and accurately. These features speed up customer processing and give your employees more time to attend to the service aspects of the business.