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SST Ticket Spitter® Model MG 1000 - by Federal APD

SST Ticket Spitter® Model MG 1000

SST and Ticket Spitter are registered trademarks of Federal APD, Inc.


  • Modular SST Ticket Transport Mechanism with magnetic read head, thermal printer and Burster/Feeder Assembly
  • Rust-resistant aluminum construction
  • On-line or off-line operation
  • Backlit LCD message display
  • Advanced AutoRead Controller with built-in diagnostics and activity reports


  • Dual ticket stack
  • Ticket retract capabilities
  • Backout ticket identification
  • ValueCard System
  • Credit Card Processing System


Secure Ticket Handling System

Secure Ticket Control

Designed to accommodate many different parking applications and configurations, the Federal APD machine readable SST AutoRead System provides the most efficient means of revenue control available today. This closed-loop system begins with the SST Ticket Spitter which can be used to issue a ticket to daily (transient) parkers, or control prepay and cashless transactions.

Smart System Transport (SST®)

The SST Ticket Spitter utilizes contemporary technology to provide you with a completely flexible system for machine readable parking operations. The unit utilizes a modular SST Ticket Transport Mechanism that features robust components, magnetic read/write heads, thermal printer, and a Ticket Burster/Feeder mechanism that snaps apart tickets.repay

With its innovative design, the SST Transport/Validator Mechanism is capable of processing daily (transient) tickets, access cards, and credit cards.

The transport's clam shell design provides easy access to the ticket stream and magnetic read/write heads, while the detachable Ticket Burster/Feeder Mechanism is easily removed without tools. The SST Transport Mechanism is used throughout the SST product line - which keeps your stocking requirements at a minimum.nism

Ticket Burster Mechanism

The Ticket Burster/Feeder Mechanism eliminates the need for a cutter assembly by bursting the perforated tickets apart as they ascend into the transport mechanism. This reduces the paper dust and maintenance problems associated with cutter blades.

The Burster Assembly can choose tickets from two ticket stacks. This dual capability substantially increases the number of tickets available (up to 10,000 before refilling).uces th

Recall Capabilities

Occasionally, clients may trigger a ticket dispenser and backout, leaving the ticket in the ticket chute. On other occasions, a ticket is issued and the driver backs out to use it illegally. The SST has the capability of recalling either ticket from the system by either retracting and depositing the ticket into a vault, or if on-line, by flagging an illegal ticket through detector and directional logic for future action.

Thermal Printer

The SST Transport Mechanism has the added benefit of an industrial thermal printer, allowing you to print man-readable and data information as well as other messages or advertisements on the ticket. Thermal printers give you a crisp, well printed ticket and do not need ribbons.ing