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SST® Exit Verifier Model ML 3000 - Federal APD

SST® Exit Verifier Model ML 3000 - Federal APD

SST is a registered trademark of Federal APD, Inc.


  • Provides machine readable exit lane control when used with central cashiering systems
  • Rust-resistant aluminum construction
  • Modular SST Ticket Transport Mechanism with magnetic read head and thermal printer
  • On-line or off-line operation
  • Programmable grace times
  • Backlit LCD message display
  • Advanced AutoRead Controller with built-in diagnostics and activity reports


  • ValueCard System
  • Credit Card Processing System
Traffic Control at the Exit Lane

Central Cashiering Revenue Control

Located at the exit lane, the SST Exit Verifier is used to control lane traffic with a central cashiering parking system.

With a central cashiering system, the patron receives a magnetic stripe ticket from the SST Ticket Spitter at the entrance. Before returning to their vehicle, the patron stops at the appropriate cashier zone to pay the parking fee. The cashier (or SST Automatic Pay Station) automatically processes the ticket, collects the fee and reassigns the same ticket with a pre-programmed grace time that allows the patron to return to their vehicle and exit.

At the exit lane the patron inserts the ticket into the SST Exit Verifier, which scans the ticket for validity and raises the gate automatically, providing the patron exited with the allotted grace period. If not, the machine requests that the patron return to the cashiering station to pay the amount due.

Smart System Transport (SST®)

The magnetic properties in the SST Transport/Validator mechanism are designed to read magnetic stripe information from SST tickets, ValueCard access cards, and credit cards. Short term tickets, special tickets, and bank cards of all types are processed through the single transport slot.

The transport's clam shell design provides easy access to the ticket stream and magnetic read/write heads. This universal mechanism is used in ticket dispensers, fee computers, automatic pay stations, exit verifiers, and merchant validators – which keeps your stocking requirements at a minimum.

Durable Construction

The unit features durable aluminum construction, armored with an element-resistant enamel finish for years of rust free service. The cabinet front consists of a heavy duty aluminum cast face plate with a twoline by 20-character visual display that provides instruction messages to the parking patron.

Efficient Processing

Federal APD offers you a fully integrated line of access and revenue control products that work together to deliver a true system approach to parking. The SST AutoRead System completely automates your parking operation with machine readable precision. The speed of automated egress processing - using the SST Exit Verifier - eliminates the need for multiple lanes while significantly reducing the congestion found at the exit lanes.