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PosiDRIVE™ Security Gate (Federal APD)

PosiDRIVEā„¢ Security Gate


  • Reliable direct drive system reduces wear and stress
  • Universal power system operates between 85-265 VAC / 50-60 Hz
  • High speed operation:
    • 1.5 seconds with 10-12 ft. (3 -3.6 m) arm
    • 6 seconds with 20 ft. (6 m) arm
  • Left or right hand operation without additional hardware or special tools
  • Unique fail-safe operation can be programmed for the gate to automatically raise or lock down on power failure
  • Internally counterbalanced gate arm
  • Obstacle detection system reverses the direction of travel if the arm encounters an obstruction
  • DIN rail mounted components for easy service
  • Status indicator lights
  • UL/CSA approval and CE Mark pending

Secure Control

The Federal APD PosiDRIVE Security Gate is ideal for controlling roadway access to plant entrances, warehouse terminals, toll plazas, or any location where a high volume/high speed security gate is needed. The gate has a fast 1.5 to 6 second operation (depending on the gate arm length). The aluminum gate arm provides extra strength and rigidity, and uses tension springs to counterbalance the arm for perfect balance.

Reliable Direct Drive System

The PosiDRIVE Security Gate features a sinusoidal drive system to achieve fast operating times while reducing the speed when the gate arm approaches the end points of its travel. This reduces wear and stress on all mechanical components, including the motor.

Universal Design

The heart of the gate is the intelligent power system with its universal 24 VDC power system that can accept any power input (from 85-265 VAC/ 50-60 Hz). This low-voltage motor is the most energy-efficient in its class and only draws power when in operation.

The Security Gate provides a convertible gate arm system that can be changed from left hand to right hand drive without any additional hardware or special tools.

Perfect Balance

The counterbalancing system consists of a set of adjustable springs (2-4, depending on the gate arm length) that are entirely contained within the cabinet and have no components visible from the outside. Balance adjustents, used when shortening the arm or adding message signs, can be accomplished in the field without difficulty.

Maintenance Free

The Federal APD PosiDRIVE Security Gate is designed without belts, pulleys or limit switches. The unique design of this new gate gives you the freedom to schedule your routine maintenance only once a year.

The gate's fail-safe operation can be programmed for the gate arm to automatically raise or lock down on power failure. The auto recovery on power-up feature is switch selectable.