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Jackshaft Operators, Trolley Operators, Hoist Operators

What are jackshaft operators, trolley operators, hoist operators?

Q: What are operators?

A: Operators are mechanisms that control access through gates, barrier arms, commercial and residential garage doors. They may be set up to operate with keys, key pads, telephone entry, radios with intercoms, timers, cards, readers, electronic sensors, payment systems and more. DGO Access is a systems integration business.  We work with our customers to define their needs, then match and integrate hardware and software, matching the right operator to meet their customized needs.

Q: What are jackshaft operators?

Jackshaft operators are made for use rolling doors, shutters and rolling grills. Some designs may also be used on industrial sectional doors.

Q: What are hoist operators?

Like jackshaft operators, hoist operators may also be used  on industrial sectional doors requiring vertical list, rolling doors and grilles.

Q: What are trolley operators?

A: Trolley operators are typically used with standard sectional doors and commonly look like standard residential garage doors with a rail that mounts parallel to the ceiling.