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Liftmaster Repair Parts

Liftmaster Capacitor 89uF part# 30B652
  • Model: Liftmaster 30B652
  • Manufactured by: Liftmaster


Details: Liftmaster Capacitor 89uF part# 30B652 (model 3575S & 3275)

KeyPart #Part name / description
1    41A5615    Chain spreader   
2    41A5585-1    Gear and sprocket assembly   
3    41A2817    Drive/worm gear kit w/grease, roll pins (2)   
4    41B4245-1    Line cord   
5    41A5484    End panel w/all labels   
6    4A1344    Light socket   
7    108D79    Light lens   
8A    30B530    Capacitor 56uF   
8A    30B652    Capacitor 89uF (model 3575S & 3275)   
8B    30B529    Capacitor 40uF   
8C    41A5637    Resistor   
9    41A3150    Terminal block w/screws   
11    41A5633    Cover   
12    41A2818    Limit switch drive & retainer   
13    41D3452-2    Limit switch assembly   
14    41A5532    Gear case   
15    41A2822-1    Interrupter cup   
16    41C4398A    RPM sensor assembly   
17    41A5635    Receiver logic board assembly for 2575 (390 MHz)   
17    41AC075-2    Receiver logic board assembly for 3575 (390 MHz)   
17    41AC075-2S    Receiver logic board assembly for 3575S & 3275 (315 MHz)   
18    41C5588    High voltage wire harness   
18A    41C5587    Low voltage wire harness   
18A    41C6661    Low voltage wire harness (model 3575S only)   
19    41D180-1    End panel   
Not shown    41A2826    Shaft bearing kit   
Not shown    41A2825    Opener assembly hardware kit (includes screws not designated by a number in illustration)   

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 29 January, 2013.