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Liftmaster Repair Parts

Liftmaster 41A5640 - Limit Switch Assembly
  • Model: Liftmaster 41A5640
  • Manufactured by: Liftmaster


Details: Liftmaster 41A5640 - Limit Switch Assembly

Use the following matrix to match the part in the diagram to the part number to ensure that you order the correct part.

KeyPart #Part name / description
1    41C5069    Chassis support bracket assembly   
2    41A4208-2    Chain spreader   
3    41A5658    Gear and sprocket assembly   
4    41A2817    Drive/worm gear kit w/grease, roll pins (2)   
5    41B4245-1    Line cord   
6    41A5484    End panels w/all labels   
7    4A1344    Light socket   
8    108D79    Light lens   
9A    30B530    Capacitor 56uF   
9A    30B652    Capacitor 89uF (model 3575S only)   
9B    30B529    Capacitor 40uF   
10    41A3150    Terminal block w/screws    
11    81C253    Limit switch drive & retainer .   
12    41A5640    Limit switch assembly   
13    41D5563-1    Universal replacement motor & bracketassemblyComplete with: Motor, worm, bracket,gear case bearing assembly, RPM sensor.   
14    41A5633-1    Cover for 2595   
14    41A5633    Cover for 3595   
15    41A5532    Gear case   
16    41C4398A    Interrupter cup   
17    41C4398A    RPM sensor assembly   
18    41A5635    Receiver logic board assembly for 2595(390 MHz)   
18    41AC075-2    Receiver logic board assembly for 3595(315 MHz)   
18    41AC075-2S    Receiver logic board assembly for 3595S(315 MHz)   
19    41C5657    High voltage wire harness   
19A    41C5587    Low voltage wire harness   
19A    41C6661    Low voltage wire harness (model 3575Sonly)   
20    41D180-1    End panel w/all labels   
Not shown    41A2825    Opener assembly hardware kit   
Not shown    41A2826    Shaft bearing kit    

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